Friday, March 11, 2011

REVIEW # 1: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Season 1

Here on MMMEB, we do movie and book reviews, and my first review is about one of my favorite animated TV shows: Rocky and Bullwinkle, sesaon 1. Now, while there's a few complaints I have about this set, I love the work of Jay Ward, so let's get it started!

First, I'll get out with my complaints:
-DVNR ruining the picture.
-Those stupid episodes animated from Mexico that Jay Ward hated!!!
-The second season opening, instead of the first season.
-The semitransperant "R&B" logo at the bottom-right corner.
-"The Many Faces of Boris Badenov" featurette

Next, the episodes themselves. The first storyline is Rocket Fuel Formula, and, at 40 single segments, is the longest Rocky and Bullwinkle story arc. It starts out with Rocky and Bullwinkle telling scientists that they'e been to the moon and back, thanks to a recipe by Bullwinkle's grandmother, and used each layer to get to the moon and back. But, in the explosion, half of the recipe was torn in half, and, as Bullwinkle notes, "they know how much, but not what of." Meanwhile, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatal, two spies from Pottsylvania, try to steal the formula for their country, but without killing Bullwinkle. Also, two aliens named Gyndey and Cloyd are also after the formula to return to the moon. Throughout the story, our heros get Pottsylvania, get thrown in jail, go to Wantchatakea Peak, get a Mooseberry bush and return to America as heros.

The next storyline is Box Top Robbery, parodying the show's sponser General Mills, having Bullwinkle being accused of counterfieting box tops, when in reality, is Boris and Natasha, disgused as Hemlock Shomes and Dr. Watkins, and, again, triumph.

There are many supporting segments in the show, like:
-Peabody's Improdable History, with Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman traveling back in time in their WABAC machine.
-Fractured Fairy Tales, a twist on classic faiy tales.
-Dudley Do-Right, the story of the dumbest mountie in the buisness, Duley Do-Right.
-Asoep & Son, a twist on Asoep's fables.
-Bullwinkle's Corner, where the two read well-known stories and poems.
-Mr. Know-It-All, Bullwinkle unsuccessfully giving advice.

The bonus features are also great. Except for the Borus Badenov segment, the best ones are:
-The "Dear Bullwinkle" segments, with the short-lived and hilarious Bullwinkle puppet.
  -The rare "R&B Saving Stamp Club" special episode, well-animated and funny.           
-Sneak-Peak of Season 2, for those of us who don't own it yet.    
-The compilation of commercials, esspecially the one with Boris heckling the narrator.     

All and all, this is a great set for cartoon enthusiests, Jay Ward fans, fans of Rocky and Bullwinkle, or anyone else. A huge recomendation for anyone who reads this blog.
Well this is a pickle...actually its more of a kumquat.

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