Monday, August 8, 2011

The Origins of Shorty Duck

I now introduce you to the one and only Shorty Duck, the leader of my merry cartoon stars.
I created wen I was young. Probably since I was 7 or 8, inspired by Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker to create my own character. He's evolved a lot over the years and still is front and center.
Shorty started out as a regular wiseacre smart-aleck, who regularly beat up on poor old Carl Cat.
But after being exposed to the aforementioned cartoon characters, the comics of Robert Crumb abd Vaughn Bode, and the comedy of Groucho Marx and Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic), Shorty was born again. Here is really what the character is summed up in:
-He's mischivious
-He's incredibly smart and maripulative
-He's a womanizer who lusts after women, but in a calm and cool way
-He is incredibly violent and loud-mouthed, yet is subtle and foxy
-Knows how to take control, yet can easily go crazy with it
-Insane, but with self-control
-Can get jealous and angry easily

           He's also evolved from Looney Tune-type protagonist to a villian for another character of mine, Captain Aardvark (whom I'll show you in another post) to pretty much both. He's by far my favorite character I've made and he's the one I'm most proud of.

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